Policy Brief - Northern Ireland

A brief look at the existing policy landscape and position within Northern Ireland regarding sustainable development and the future of renewable energy policy. This is the first of several policy briefs that we shall provide from each of the partner countries.

While each of the partner countries is a member of the EU, and several have similar ideas for the development of community renewable energy projects, there are some  aspects of policy that are worth investigating to see where any similarities exist or differences emerge. Northern Ireland finds itself in a tricky position at the minute when it comes to investigating policy. The Northern Ireland policy brief is the first of several that will be produced from each of the regions within the project group and will help to feed into final outputs including such things as our planned policy influencer program.

The full text of the Northern Ireland policy brief can be accessed at http://recent.interreg-npa.eu/subsites/recent/RECENT_Policy_Brief_NI.pdf